“Went from Frankenstein to feelin’ fine thanks to the lovely Dr. Ardalan. Yeah, I’m obsessed with this place.”

“Fittings all weekend. Sore back. Saved again by Dr. Ardalan. The best part is that he tells me to be nicer to myself. Love him!

Jen Rade, Celebrity Stylist

“Yesterday I had the most amazingly wonderful & relaxing experience at Atlas Health Care Center getting treated for food allergies through acupuncture. I learned SO much about what my body needs/doesn’t need in order to thrive…”

Jordan Younger, The Balanced Blonde

“Loved my experience at Atlas Health Care Center today & amazing acupuncturist Forooz. So happy to finally find a beautiful holistic health care centre in LA.”

Renee Bargh, Aussie TV Host on Extra TV

“Love love love Ideal Protein. I have been on it for 12 weeks and I have lost 30 lbs effortlessly. I get to eat delicious healthy partial replacement meals . One of the greatest perks is having a clinical nutritionist guiding you weekly. Lindsea is very knowledgeable and great at teaching you all that you need to be successful. I recommend ideal protein and Atlas Healthcare to everyone.”

Golie Ghoreishi

“Today I finally tried acupuncture for the first time at Atlas Health Care Center when I heard it can 100% cure me of all allergies I couldn’t say no. It didn’t hurt at all I literally felt nothing other than a zen calmness. Probably the best part of my experience though was working with Forooz who was so calm and reassuring and nice. I highly recommend!!”

Caroline Vreeland, Singer

“Dr. Ardalan is amazing.

Lindsea the nutritionist has helped me loose 37 lbs in 11 weeks!!!.”

Koorosh Zartoshty

“The BEST in chiropractic care! Was a little skeptical before coming, but am a believer now! Professionalism & knowledge are unprecedented. Highly recommend!”

Monica Bryant Sequeira, Realtor