What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is a practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine that uses remedies and medicines made from plants to cure common day ailments. Herbal medicine or Chinese Herbs can be as effective as over the counter medication and medications commonly prescribed by a doctor today.

Many of your common ailments today can be treated with Chinese herbs.

How are Chinese Herbs useful?

Chinese Herbs can be used to treat many common ailments today, and can even offer alternative treatment to chronic illness’s, reduce side effects, and can be best used for preventive health.

Maybe you’re looking to treat the common cold or flu, or perhaps, you have a child suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? Chinese Herbs can be used in place of many strong quick relieving, and symptom disguising Rx medications. Not only are they a healthier alternative for your body and mind, they can also provide long-lasting relief with the right treatment plan, rather than being treated with a specific medication for the duration of your life.

Many patients opt for Chinese Herbs to reduce the number of chemicals that can pass through your body. Remember, even if you’re suffering from acute headaches, an Advil a day is not kind on the liver. Chinese herbs allow a patient to treat their acute or severe symptoms without the fear of poisoning the internal organs.

If you are interested in taking Chinese Herbs it is important to speak with a professional, as it is important you are dosing correctly. Each patient should be treated uniquely as some cases can be acute to very severe. An individuals organs reach maturity at different ages and stages, it’s important to have proper guidance so your body is effectively able to metabolize, utilize and eliminate the herbs.

Here at Atlas Health Care Center we offer a number of Chinese herbs that our specialist can recommend for your tailored health needs. To book a consultation, please call our front desk at (818)995-4488