Acupuncture for Treating Asthma in Encino

Acupuncture is an alternate treatment option for those suffering from acute to severe asthma and are looking to avoid man-made chemicals for asthma relief or management.

You might have already read some of our other topics or areas of interest for using acupuncture as an alternative treatment option, which mention that acupuncture is used to open the flow of energy throughout the body to balance your life force known as Chi or Qi. These energy forces are the opposing positive and negative forces of yin and yang. Diseases like asthma often represent an imbalance of these forces, by balancing them many who suffer from asthma can find relief through acupuncture to their treatable symptoms.

By inserting needles into the skin at key pressure or activation points along the meridian, the flow of the life force can come to a balance alleviating many of the symptoms brought on by asthma. Acupuncture treatment for asthma often involves needles inserted in the upper back and hand, where the lung meridian points are found, and recommended for at least 20 minutes per session for treatment to be effective. However, not all patients with asthma are treated alike. Some patients may have meridian points targeted that correlate to the stomach, this is for two reasons.

1. Failure of proper stomach function leads to phlegm accumulation, which congests the lungs.
2. Uprising stomach Chi or Qi (the body’s life force) may interfere with the downward motion of the lungs.

Kidney points may also be identified in treating patients with asthma for those with deficiencies in adrenal corticosteroid production, which often occurs in a person who is diagnosed with having kidney deficiency syndrome. Depending on your severe to acute asthma conditions our acupuncturist will be able to proper diagnose you with a detailed and thorough consult, addressing your concerns and issues so treatment always has optimal effect.

Sometimes the effects of acupuncture can not only relieve pain, but also provide anesthesia for operations, and regulate breathing by lowering stress levels, encouraging deep breathing for those coping with asthma.

If you are interested in learning more about your treatment options with acupuncture, please call our reception or schedule a consult to speak to our licensed Encino acupuncturist.