May 2015

Allergy Season Is Here

It’s time to stop fighting allergy season and heal your body from its allergens for good!

types of allergies

Every new season can bring a flare up on one’s allergies. Particularly with the spreading of pollen in the air, spring cleaning gives rise to dust, and your eyes and nose start to flare up. So, you go see your family physician, maybe you take a few Benadryl and let the weeks go by until the haze of runny noses, itchy eyes, and body rashes soothe.

The big myth that we’re all led to believe is that allergens are a lifelong maintenance, but allergens can be relieved, it’s not something you have to live with forever. Thankfully our Encino acupuncturist uses Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET) to rid your allergies for good. The technique uses acupuncture, acupressure and diet in a small but effective time frame to target your allergens and relieve your body of their reaction.

Funny enough, what many people believe to be lifestyle habits and consequences are in truth, allergens. Such as waking up with a massive hangover after a night of too much drinking, bloating after a meal,

Babies commonly suffer from allergies, some of which they outgrow, other which manifest into more serious problems as they grow. A baby who is super sensitive and develops a commons rash, a not so pleasant looking diaper, and is constantly crying are all signs of discomfort in children which may be related to allergies. What’s great about NAET, there are no limits on age to who can undergo treatment.


First the process includes a thorough consultation by our Encino acupuncturist who uses muscle reflexology to test and diagnose your body’s current allergens. Our Encino acupuncturists will then navigate through the various allergens, some may have 1 or 2, while others may have a high number of allergens which are often related to your gene mold. Allergens can be anything from substances to products, such as mold, sugar, calcium, wood, nuts and so on. However, only one allergen can be treated by our Encino acupuncturist per visit.

Using acupressure our Encino acupuncturist will target key pressure points related to your targeted allergen, followed by acupuncture. Your body will open the pathways to heal itself for about 20 to 40 minutes. Following treatment you will be put on a strict diet for 25 hours. Once the 25 hours is up we ask you to come back into our Encino office to be retested for your allergens, which should check up clear as long as the diet instructions are followed. From then on out you’ll be free of the specific allergen that was treated.

Sounds hard to believe, but it actually works, and your insurance may even cover the cost of your treatment if your plan offers preventative services like acupuncture. If you're interested in learning more or to see what your insurance covers please call our reception with your insurance ID number and provider name.