April 2015

April Showers

The wet season can bring on a higher than usual number of car accidents and slip and fall injuries, thankfully we here at Atlas Health Care Center can work with you and even your attorney on getting you back to optimal health.

Driving Rain Florida

Our Encino chiropractors provide top of the line care to anyone who has been in a motor vehicle accident or has been hurt in a slip and fall, if you’re working with a personal injury attorney we DO accept liens to help lighten the load of expenses until your case is settled, because we know and understand how hard circumstances can become when your car is in the body shop or when your own mobility is hindered.

Unlike other chiropractic facilities in the area you won’t find any roller beds at our facility, those inactive vibrating chairs do nothing for your recovery and we understand that. Instead what you will find is a full gym unit, and multiple private chiropractic rooms with the latest physical therapy modalities. Our therapy even includes take home exercises to help get you back to optimal health in a timely manner.

Our facility has a no wait policy, because we know how a visit to the doctor’s office can sometimes have you in the waiting room for hours and incompletely interrupt your day. We also make it convenient for you to make it to your appointment by being open until 8pm on weekdays, and we’re open on Saturdays, with ample free parking for our patients.

Our facility is also well equipped at making the correct referrals needed for your injury. Whether it’s x-rays, MRI’s, a visit to the orthopedist, neurologist, dentist or psychologist, we have dependable and reliable doctors that will get you in the same week to further diagnose your injury and help to relieve your pain and discomfort.

We at Atlas Health Care Center have been specializing in personal injury since we opened our doors in 1996, and our patients keep coming back because of the level of service we provide. If you are currently seeing another chiropractor in the area and are unhappy with the service you’re receiving or would like a second opinion from our office, feel free to contact our reception to schedule a consultation. In your case you are able to switch facilities and doctors at any time. Your health should always come first, and at Atlas Health Care Center, we make sure it’s never in question!