February 2015

The Importance of Stretching

Whether you’re an active gym goer or you fall closer on the spectrum to potato couch, you should be stretching daily to support healthy range of motion, and to help alleviate continuous stress on your muscles.

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If you’re an active gym goer it’s quite possible you’ve been stretching regularly before a workout, but what about after your work out? When the muscles are hot this is the easiest time to increase mobility and range of motion. By stretching you’re giving your arms and legs full range of motion, allowing your body to develop long, lean, toned muscles. Stretching can also increase flexibility, allowing higher performance, which is why athletes will even practice stretching – understanding what a vital component in can play in your sport or ability.

Stretching in itself provides the body with an excellent workout, encouraging the flow of blood the muscles are able to receive oxygen and added nutrients to keep them preserving during and post workout. Not forgetting that stretching also improves posture, increasing your form, and stretches the back, once again elongating the muscles.

Maybe most importantly, stretching reduces injury. Being more flexible means being more limber, the ability to catch yourself easier, and being less likely to tear a muscle when you do slip up. What you may not know is that according to statistics, 50% of sports injuries could have been prevented with guided stretching.

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