Using Nutrition to Treat Indigestion at Atlas Health Care Center

When indigestion occurs it’s your body’s way of telling you something is not right. Sometimes the symptom is an underlying problem of gastroesophageal reflux disease, ulcers, gallbladder disease or dyspepsia. Other times indigestion is caused by stress, poor eating habits or other turbulences in lifestyle habits.

Burning sensations in the stomach or upper abdomen, bloating, gas, nausea and vomiting, growling stomach, acidic bile are all signs of indigestion which tend to plateau with added stress. Serving as a find example that the mind and body often work as a partnership when it comes to your health.

Excessive alcohol consumption has also been known to cause indigestion, overuse of over the counter pain relievers, or emotional stress such as anxiety and depression. Indigestion can accompany IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and in more serious cases develop into stomach cancer, chronic pancreatitis and thyroid disease.

Treating indigestion is rather simple as long as you’re willing to commit to a healthier lifestyle. Often enough, those with a poor diet are more likely to have regular indigestion, and after a sustained period of time of consuming high in fat, low in nutrient foods can break down your digestive system.

Below are some general tips to help moderate your indigestion, but it’s best to consult with our Encino nutritionist to see if you may need to have blood work done or if there are more serious concerns to be worried about.

- Add more fiber and roughage to your diet to promote healthy digestion

- Break up your meals. Rather than eating 3 large meals, have six smaller ones throughout the day so your digestive tract has an easier job to do

- Eat yogurt after meals to soothe any irritation and decrease your symptoms

- Cook with lots of herbs and spices that will help promote healthy digestion

- Do not skip meals, this will only intensify your symptoms


Here are some foods to avoid during indigestion:

- Broccoli

- Cabbage

- Brussel sprouts

- Caffeine or any caffeinated beverages like coffee and soda

- Fried foods

- Foods high in fat and sodium

- Pickles

- Citrus fruits and juices, anything acidic

- Tomatoes

- Onions

- Chocolate

- Peppermint

It’s best to consult with our Encino nutritionist so you can take steps towards reducing and eliminating your cause for indigestion all together. To book a consult with our Encino nutritionist please contact our reception.