Sports Nutrition at Atlas Health Care Center

Our Encino nutritionist can provide individual and group/team nutrition counseling and education to enhance the performance of athletes while in sport.

Using food journals, our nutritionist can get an idea of what the current diet is, alongside organ functionality testing – including testing of the adrenals and so forth, to see how the body is currently responding to certain foods, or what it is lacking and what the body is asking for and needs more of to function and optimal levels.

Diets may vary on an athletes training and training goals. Our Encino nutritionist can help to improve an athlete’s recovery time, increasing speed, hydration, immunity and many other variances.

Our Encino nutritionist will also help maintain healthy levels of body mass, body fat and muscle mass to encourage optimal performance. Diet recommendations and a strict snacking plan may be enforce to encourage short and long term goal for long term health for athletes. Making sure athletes are receiving enough nutrition throughout the day for their bodies to regain energy levels, and are not burning too much body fuel, which can develop into an underlying eating disorder.

Our Encino nutritionist will also address allergens which have been overlooked and may be affecting the bones, intestines and iron levels. Our nutritionist will even help manage prior medical conditions and injuries which may affect current optimization.

For many athletes it’s also the quality of the supplements they are taking that can play a big factor in their recovery rate and long-term health. Being knowledgeable about supplements, avoiding supplements with fillers and sugars, and false advertising.

Our Encino nutritionist will work closely alongside your general practitioner or M.D. to make sure all aspects of your health are considered and nothing is overlooked. Often enough even collaborating with your coach or other physicians.

Some sports nutrition may require home visits, doing grocery runs, food pantry clean outs and even cooking classes on easy, rich in nutrient meals.