Using Nutrition to Treat High Cholesterol in Encino

Getting control of your high cholesterol is about moderation and balance. Finding the happy medium for what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner are key, and making conscious and active health decisions.

You might be shocked, or not surprised at all to hear that nearly half of all American adults have high cholesterol. Although not all cholesterol is bad, too much of it clogs arteries and increases your risk for heart disease and other serious illness’.

If you’re looking to lower your cholesterol, avoid foods high in cholesterol. It might sound simple, but for many it’s not. Read your labels, or better yet don’t go through a fast food drive through for a quick lunch. Opt for a more knowledgeable meal option. Know what goes into the making of your food, and decide for yourself by making your own meals if need be.

Our genes determine how much cholesterol our body’s produce naturally, while the remainder comes from your foods choices. Luckily today you don’t have to say goodbye forever to the foods you love, there are plenty of healthy options available today for substitutes in your recipes. Opting for real unpasteurized butter can be just as tasty and much kinder on your arteries.

Consult with our Encino nutritionist for a full list of healthy substitutes that can work around your current food cravings or favorite dishes. The days of boring eating healthy are far behind us.

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