Using Nutrition to Treat Asthma in Encino at Atlas Health Care Center

Research has proven that diet can help prevent and treat asthma and allergies.

In one study done, twenty patients with allergic eczema were placed on a vegetarian diet for two months, at the end of the study period their disease scores, which covered both subjective and objective signs and symptoms were cut in half, similar to what might be the case of some of the most powerful Rx drugs on the market for treatment of similar or the same illness’.

While those using Rx drugs saw noticeable differences within about two weeks, often quicker than a diet change, they also included dangerous side effects, making a dietary option much more appealing. Those put on the vegetarian diet were put on a strict caloric diet, some of which required control you might not normally be adapt to.

In Sweden at the time there was a movement that claimed a vegan diet could cure or at the very least improve symptoms of those suffering from asthma. A group of orthopedic surgeons at Linkoping University Hospital followed a series of patients who were treated with a vegan diet for one calendar year. Participants were put on a completely plant-based diet and had been living with asthma for at least a year prior that was not getting progressively better or in some cases worse despite those medical alternatives on the market.

Researchers observed thirty-five patients with long-establish hospital verified bronchial asthma for an average of a decade or more. OF the 35, 20 had been admitted to the hospital for acute asthmatic attacks during the last two years. One of which had received emergency IV drugs 23 times during this period and another had claimed to have been hospitalized 100 times during the course of his illness. Another patient suffered such severe asthma attacks that on one occasion the patient went into cardiac arrest and was brought back to life on a ventilator. These cases were on the extreme to serious side of those suffering from asthma. Most of the study patients were on up to eight different asthma medications when they started, 20 of which were using cortisone, a powerful steroid, daily.

Eleven didn’t manage to stick to the diet, but the remaining 24 that did showed a 71% improvement at four months and 92% at the end of one year, alongside a reduction in their RX medications. Four had been taken completely off their medication, and only two were not able to even reduce their dose. Many of which average 4.5 drugs to 1.2, many of which stopped using cortisone all together.

Some subjects said that their improvement was so considerable they felt like “they had a new life.” One nurse had difficulty at work because most of her co-workers were smokers, but after the plant-based regimen she could withstand the secondhand smoke without getting an attack and could tolerate other asthma triggers. Others reported the same thing. Whereas previously they could only live in a clean environment and felt more or less isolated in their homes, they could now go out without getting asthmatic attacks.

The researchers didn’t find only subjective improvements. They also found a significant improvement in a number of clinical variables, most importantly in measures of lung function, vital capacity, forced expiratory volume, and physical working capacity, as well as significant drops in sed rate (a marker of inflammation) and IgE (allergy associated antibodies).

The study started out with 35 patients who had suffered from serious asthma for an average of 12 years, all receiving long-term medication, with 20 using cortisone, who were “subjected to vegan food for a year,” and, in almost all cases, medication was withdrawn or reduced, and asthma symptoms were significantly reduced.

Despite the improved lung function tests and lab values, the placebo effect can’t be discounted since there was no blinded control group. However, the nice thing about a healthy diet is that there are only good side effects. The subjects’ cholesterol significantly improved, their blood pressures got better, and they lost 18 pounds. From a medical standpoint it was hard to deny the effect diet and nutrition had on its asthmatic counterparts.

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