Does Acupuncture Hurt?


Acupuncture is a painless method of inserting very thin needles into specific pressure points in the body to relieve a variety of different ailments and concerns.

If your hesitancy towards trying acupuncture is based around the use of needles rest assured the needles used in treatment are painless. There are three types of needles an acupuncturist can use to administer acupuncture, Korean, Chinese and Japanese, our Encino acupuncturist uses Japanese needles, which are of the highest quality, disposable and as thin as a single strand of hair. They don't feel like a typical needle being inserted into the skin because of their light weight mass, and are not inserted nearly as deep as one might think. Often enough you may not even feel the needles being inserted.

Acupuncture can produce a sensation that can vary from patient to patient. Because acupuncture needles are inserted at specific pressure points in order to relax your body and increase the flow of energy in the body, one might feel a slight numbing, euphoric or tingling feeling throughout the body, that can best be described as energy moment. Not to panic, this is just a higher level of relaxation for the body, and it's typical for many patients to fall asleep during treatment.

However, if you are still concerned with using acupuncture needles, we do offer acupressure as an alternative form of therapy to acupuncture. It's best to discuss with our Encino acupuncturist what your cautions are for not wanting to use acupuncture needles, often enough a patient is not fully informed of the process or would like to sample what insertion of an acupuncture needle feels like. All of the above can be discussed with our licensed Encino acupuncturist during a consultation. Please contact our reception for further details at (818)995.4488