Getting to know Essential Oils . . .

Excessive use of over the counter medication can poison your internal organs. Often, rather than treating the problem, Rx medication may only be disguising the pain. Here we did a full run down of common ailments/problems and the homeopathic alternative.

Remember health begins from within, and when you’re in poor health it shows externally.


Essential Oil Solution (Homeopathic Alternative)


Headaches, Menstrual Cramps, Irritated Red Skin

Peppermint Oil

$28, can last 3months+

Stretch Marks, Lack of Sleep, Tossing and Turning, Anxious

Lavender Oil

$29, can last 3 months+

Cellulite, Slow Metabolism, Jet Lag, Fatigue, Hangovers, Sugar Cravings

Grapefruit Oil/Slim &Sassy

$23/$33, can last 2wks to 1month

Acne, Calluses, Dermatitis, Oily Skin

HD Clear Skin Roll-On

$28, can last 3-6 months

*Use in the bathroom for oil pulling, in the kitchen for cooking, outside on the grill for cleaning, in the bedroom as lubricant, or take orally as an essential fatty acid

Coconut Oil

Varies on use

Wrinkles, UV Damage, Cellular Hydration, Age Spots


$93, 3-6months plus

Detox, Cleaning/Disinfectant, Digestive Problems, Strengthens Nails

Lemon, dilute in water to create a cleaning product, or add a few drops to warm water in the morning for detox

Varies on use

Aching Joints, Muscles Soreness After Exercise

*used as an inflammatory response

Deep Blue

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Anxiety, Poor Circulation, Muscle-Aches & Pain, Tension, Muscular Dystrophy

Aroma Touch

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Cuts and Sores, Scar Tissue, Ulcers, Wounds, Immune Boost, Pain Relief

*also an Anti-Inflammatory agent

Frankincense Oil

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Nausea, Motion Sickness, Stomach Aches and Pains, Diarrhea, Indigestion, Constipation, Food Poisoning, Acid Reflux, Cramps, Heartburn, Bloating


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Cold/Flu, Candida, Warts, Pain Relief, Digestive Support, Metabolic Balance

*Antiviral, Antifungal, Antiseptic, Antiparasitic

Oregano Oil

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Acne, Allergies, Athlete’s Foot, Chicken Pox, Cold Sores, Flu, Hives, Boils, Bacterial Infections, Sore Throat, Sunburn, Ringworm, Pink Eye, Nail Infections, Lice


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