Herniated Discs / Bulges

Non-Invasive Treatment from Our Encino Chiropractors at Atlas Health Care Center

Herniated discs, also referred to as slipped or bulging discs, are among the most common causes of back pain, as well as pain in the legs and weakness or abnormal function of the lower extremities. Spinal discs, which rest between each spinal vertebra, are composed of an outer, fibrous layer and a soft, inner portion. Disc herniation occurs when the inner portion migrates and extends through the outer layer of the disc. When pushed outside of its normal position, the bulging inner portion of the disc can place pressure on the spinal cord and nerves, thereby causing pain and other adverse symptoms. Herniated discs often occur as the result of injury and trauma, as well as the natural effects of aging.

Studies have shown that patients with herniated discs respond well to non-invasive treatment options, especially when the condition is diagnosed in early stages. At Atlas, chiropractic care for bulging discs involves direct targeting of subluxations, or the misalignment of the spine. Adjustments can correct these subluxations, relieving pressure on pain-generating nerves, alleviating pain and symptoms, and restoring function and mobility. A series of chiropractic adjustments can effectively correct subluxations without the need for surgery or risks associated with medications.

Early Diagnosis & Wellness Lifestyle

Our doctors make it a point to stress the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to treat our patients naturally. We encourage anyone who has been diagnosed with a herniated disc, or who believes that their pain may be caused by such a condition, to seek an evaluation as early as possible. Early diagnosis will aid in recovery and taking a comprehensive approach to living a wellness lifestyle of self-care, proper nutrition, and exercise can greatly reduce risks of complications and pain in the future. If you would like to learn more about herniated discs, or if you wish to discuss your personal treatment options with one of our Encino chiropractors, then feel free to contact an Encino Chiropractor from Atlas Health Care Center to schedule a consultation.