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Have you been struggling with pain or were you recently injured? Atlas Health Care Center is the place for you! Atlas Health Care Center is a highly experienced chiropractic care office devoted to the total health and wellness of our patients. With chiropractors and specialists who possess more than 50 years of combined experience, our Encino location is able to serve patients throughout the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area with an array of personalized treatment options designed to maximize recovery and overall health.

All of our services take a non-invasive, drug-free approach and are customized specifically to the situations and unique needs of our patients. Furthermore, our care is focused on addressing the underlying cause of your pain, not merely disguising symptoms. At Atlas Health Care Center, we strive to make every visit a stress-free experience and are committed to providing patients with the five-star care they deserve. Our comprehensive approach to treatment can produce lasting results for improving our patients' overall health.

Our Chiropractic Services

Equipped with a highly experienced staff of chiropractors and specialists, our center is able to offer a multi-disciplinary approach that includes in-depth patient examinations, accurate diagnosis, and targeted treatment options. Our talented professionals are skilled in the practice of chiropractic care and routinely treat patients suffering from a variety of injuries, accidents, and health conditions that cause them pain. Additionally, we also offer acupuncture services and nutritional therapy. Our one-of-a-kind combination of staff and specialists offers patients unique services that include physiotherapy, massage therapy, decompression therapy, allergy testing, rehabilitative exercise, and nutritional counseling.

Conditions We Treat
Back & Neck Pain Joint Pain Headaches/Migraines Sciatica
Herniated Discs/Bulges Spinal Conditions Sprains/Strains Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

By adopting a comprehensive approach to health and wellness, we are able to provide our patients with the highest quality care and service possible. Located in the heart of Encino, our office is a high-tech, spa-like, comforting environment that provides the foundation for safe and effective treatment. As the only office in Southern California to offer cutting-edge, multi-directional decompression therapy, we are also at the forefront of medical innovation and technology. We understand the unique needs of each patient, and all of our custom-tailored services are delivered with precision and care to provide lasting results.

The Atlas Health Care Center Experience

Our entire staff is dedicated to helping our patients achieve optimal health and wellness, and we treat each patient as if they are family. When you choose to come to Atlas Health Care Center, you will find that our passion and individualized attention is precisely what you need and deserve. For our patients' convenience, our office offers extended hours for people with hectic schedules and obligations, as well as free parking and reliable services that accept most insurance plans. Because we know that paying for treatment is a concern that no patient in need should have, our experienced insurance specialist will help you decipher your health coverage, and we accept liens on all personal injury cases, including motor vehicle accidents and slip and fall accidents. Every service we provide, every treatment option we offer, and everything about our center is designed with our patients in mind. We are truly a center for total wellness, and we utilize our combined resources and collective experience to help you on your way to vibrant health.

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The human body has a remarkable ability to heal naturally, and by harnessing this capability through targeted, safe, and effective treatment options, we are able to offer patients care without the risks associated with surgical procedures and medications. If you've been forced to endure pain, then there is simply no better place to explore alternative treatment options than Atlas Health Care Center, and no better time to adopt a wellness lifestyle than now.

We are committed to listening closely to our patients' concerns and needs and providing individualized care, so we invite you to schedule a private consultation with a doctor from our center. Find more information about your condition or source of pain, your available treatment options, and the ways in which our team of doctors and specialists can help. Contact Atlas Health Care Center today!